How my internet career began with Chris Farrell

My story is probably similar to many others trying to earn an income online – I heard a story of someone making over $ 1,000,000 in a single day by sending out an email to their email list.  Instantly I was hooked and wanted to learn more…

Actually, that’s not where my quest for entrepreneurialism began, but after many failed attempts at other business ventures, that’s where it evolved to.  After graduating from college I began working as an underwriter for the largest insurance company in the world – AIG.  Things started off ok, but soon I realized that I just couldn’t allow myself to spend the rest of my life working for someone else that didn’t have my best interest in mind.  I couldn’t stand the fact that I had to ask for permission to take a vacation when it was convenient for them, or request for time off to be sick.  It just didn’t seem right to me.

One cold April morning, while taking the bus downtown, I look out the window into Lake Michigan and see a young guy having an amazing time on his jet ski.  He was splashing water and jumping waves as if he didn’t have a worry in the world.  I remember thinking to myself, with absolute jealousy; I wonder what this guy does? It crossed my mind that maybe he didn’t have a job, but then how did he get that Jet Ski?  Maybe he was a college student and didn’t have class that morning, but again, where did he get that Jet Ski from?  Maybe his parents were filthy rich and he was born into wealth and would never have to work another day in his life, that’s not necessarily the life story I would want for myself, but I’ll take it.  After thinking about it for a few minutes, I narrowed it down to what I thought was the most logical explanation – he was a business owner, probably worked hard, made his own schedule and obviously made time for himself and his toys.

I distinctly remember that being the day that I started my quest towards entrepreneurialism.  After taking many twists and turns, ups and downs, I have now decided that internet marketing is where I would like to be.  To get there, I knew I would have to follow someone’s path.  I needed a map that would not only give me a macroscopic picture of how to become an internet marketer, but also give me clarity on what markets to enter and how to generate as much traffic as I needed.  I am glad that I found a Chris Farrell review page where I learned about his success and his membership program.  I learned the foundation behind choosing my markets, creating content, generating the traffic and monetization of my site.
Today I have seven sites, all of which generate free traffic and produce a passive income for me and my business.  My goal, for the remainder of this year, is to have 24 niche sites up and running, each one producing at least $ 100/month on complete auto pilot.
I am convinced from prior experiences that it can be done with a little hard work, patience and persistence.  Learning the fundamentals was the most important, from there it’s just a matter of rinsing and repeating.  As Chris Farrell says – internet marketing is a skill and all skills can be learned.

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